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Wedding Bands


If you wear jewelry every day, such as a watch or ring, it may eventually crack or break. At Gloria's Jewelry Box, we provide band repair for any broken jewelry. We understand how frustrating it can be to have a beloved piece of jewelry break over time. 

Our jewelry repair service can fix the bands on your rings or watches. If your ring has broken, we can fill in the broken area and return it to you intact. If your ring has multiple breaks, we may suggest getting a new band and resetting any gems into the new band. 

If your watch band breaks, replacing it may be the best option. At our watch store, we have many options for replacement bands. Whether you prefer leather, metal, or even fabric, we have options for you. 

We can also resize jewelry so you can continue to enjoy engagement rings and other items you’ve had for years or inherited from loved ones. We use highly accurate laser welding techniques to fix and alter jewelry, and the precision allows us to work even on vintage designs. 

Get in touch now to schedule band replacement services in Homestead, FL! We’re passionate about helping our clients enjoy their jewelry and find solutions when it breaks.

Gold Jewelry


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