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Jewelry cleaning is a great way to give new life to old or heavily-used jewelry. Gloria's Jewelry Box offers cleaning services that will restore your jewelry to its former glory. Instead of experimenting with home cleaning solutions and techniques, you can entrust your favorite jewelry to our experts. We have years of experience cleaning jewelry and making it sparkle. 

Whether it’s your favorite piece of jewelry, a vintage find, or a hand-me-down, we’ll remove tarnishing and other discoloration. After a professional cleaning session, your jewelry will look as good as new. Investing in jewelry cleaning will help you get more use out of your jewelry and bring old rings or bracelets back into rotation!

Before you take something in for jewelry appraisal, we recommend cleaning it to get the best results. That way, you’re showing the jewelry to its best advantage. If you plan to give someone an old ring or necklace, we recommend cleaning it first. Cleaning it makes the gift more impressive and saves the recipient a trip to the jeweler. 

Call today to schedule jewelry services at our store in Homestead, FL! We’re experts on how to clean different jewelry types and materials, and we’ll make sure yours looks its best before we give it back to you.

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